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With Managed Mautic Hosting by you get all the strengths of Mautic on a silver platter. Perfectly tuned, GDPR compliant, stable, secure and cheaper than you could organize it yourself.

Managed Mautic EN 1

Full control instead of data chaos

Turn your prospects into customers, manage them perfectly and sell more automatically. Send newsletters, push notifications and SMS. With the campaign builder you create much more than just one-page email sequences. Always send your messages at the right moment and only to the contacts who are actually ready for them.

Use points and levels to warm up your contacts in a targeted way and at an individual pace. In the easy-to-use campaign builder you create warm-up, sales, resale and review funnels. There are no limits to your strategy. What you wanted to do before is finally possible.

Simple and sophisticated sales processes, email or push notifications, landing pages or WordPress integration: it's up to you how it's built and linked.

A lot of work, high costs & far too many tools

Instead of making money with marketing, it causes work and costs. You use many tools and the communication among each other is not or hardly possible. Instead of selling more you have to check again and again if you are allowed to use your current tools. Often they are rigid, slow and not extensible with programs that are standard today. The nightmare.

Inexpensive, efficient and in charge of your own data

A system with which you can send your newsletters, plan and implement automated campaigns, and clearly control the data.
A tool that combines all the features you need. Newsletter sending, auto-responder, CRM link, landing pages and social media posting. It must be GDPR compliant and easy to set up. And your emails must actually be delivered. Fast and reliable. That's what you get with Managed Mautic by

Full control over your contacts' data. Everything GDPR compliant.

In a few seconds, your campaigns are launched and your emails are sent.

A team of specialists who will stand by your side and provide you with support.

Flexible costs with full functionality.
Customizable at any time.

dEine Eigene Marketing cloud

Turn prospects into customers, manage them perfectly and sell more automatically. Send newsletters, push notifications and SMS. With the campaign builder you create much more than just one-page email sequences. Always send your messages at the right moment and only to the contacts who are actually ready for them.

Alles an einem ort

e-mail und newsletter

Newsletter and Email

Newsletters, individual emails to contacts and also automated mass mailings. Create, send and measure easily and quickly.

kampagnen builder


The heart of Mautic. Whether simple email sequences or highly complex sales and marketing processes - everything can be created and every conceivable situation can be mapped with it.

Managed Mautic EN 2

Email Builder

The brand new and clear drag'n'drop email builder lets you create anything you imagine. Without code knowledge and in no time. The ready-made email templates simplify the start even more and offer a perfect basis for your desired design.

Managed Mautic EN 3


Landing pages can be built directly in Mautic. Of course drag'n'drop and without code knowledge. In addition, you can use JavaScript, HTML and CSS through code. Complete freedom. With templates. Get started right away.

Managed Mautic EN 4


Registration forms, contact forms, surveys, quizzes. Whatever you can imagine, you can build. With the handy form builder you can even trigger scripts if you need to.

Managed Mautic EN 5

Popups - Focus Items

Exit-Intent, Time Delayed, Side, Top and Bottom. Once built you can embed your forms and even dynamic content via popups - in Mautic "Focus Items" - on all pages. Whether in Mautic, WordPress or any other website system. These popups work everywhere.

E-Mail Marketing

Sales Funnels




Segmente und Tags

Segments & Tags

Finally order. With segments and tags you can organize your contacts perfectly. Even dynamic assignments are easily possible. As soon as someone does a certain action, e.g. visits a page, you can get them into your segments or tag them using simple rules. How you prefer it.

Managed Mautic EN 6

Points and Stages

Lead scoring is the key to higher conversions. Trigger events only when your contacts are actually ready. Unlike most other tools, with Mautic you're always on the contact at the right time. And not just because a sequence is stubbornly fired off.

Event Trigger

Event Trigger

Send an email after a contact visits a specific page? Doable with Mautic Event Triggers. Deducting points if someone hasn't been on your site for a month? No problem with Mautic. Come up with your own rules how to serve your contacts even better.

Kontakt Event Tracking

Event Tracking

Who was where on your site? Did a contact click on a link and open an email? All this is recorded for you. With Mautic you understand how your contacts move on your store or your site. Create the perfect campaign. Tailored to your perfect customer.

Managed Mautic EN 7


Personalized address, use of contact data and even complex text field building blocks. With the Mautic tokens you can create your perfect speech in no time. In emails, on landing pages, in popups and in dynamic content.

Managed Mautic EN 8

Dynamic Content

Show contacts who have already registered with you something other than the old registration form over and over again. You can do this with dynamic content. Or use a single page for registration, welcome and delivery for a webinar. Without even building a second page!

Einfaches Reporting

Reports and Analytics

To understand your marketing and increase your sales you need to understand what is happening. Who is signing up where, what is being read and which links are being clicked? Create perfect custom reports for your business. Understand your customers and increase your sales.

Plugins und Integrationen

Integrations, Plugins and Webhooks

Mautic kannst du mit nahezu allen Tools verknüpfen die es gibt. Im Marketplace findest du Plugins für alles mögliche und wenn etwas noch nicht existiert nutzt du einfach Zapier. Oder du feuerst deine eigenen Webhooks dahin wo du sie brauchst (Für Profis)

DSGVO Konform einstellbar

DSGVO Konform

You can link Mautic with almost all tools that exist. In the marketplace you can find plugins for everything and if something doesn't exist yet you just use n8n or Zapier. Or you can fire your own webhooks where you need them (for professionals). builds the technical foundations for you, takes care of the smooth running of your marketing campaigns, and helps you with knowledge and support.
In short: We take care of everything that is a headache for you.
You take care of your business.


So that you can concentrate on the essentials of your marketing: serving your existing and
existing and potential customers and to increase your sales figures.



  • alle Mautic Features offen
  • technischer Server Support
  • E-Mail Sendesystem
  • E-Mail + Kampagnen Templates
  • technischer Mautic Support
  • 48h/Wochentags Antwortzeit
  • Backups + Updates
  • IP Reputation Management
  • Bounce + Complaint Management
  • Mautic Kurs Zugang



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