Perfect is when there is nothing left to take away

simple is effective

it's not about tools, strategies or money you invest in marketing

it's about


automate your business with marketing automation

mautic managed by hartmut is

easy to start

easy to use

easy to get

with Mautic managed by hartmut
you get:

30.000 E-mails

per monat

Pay what you really need. All functions from the beginning. Make your upgrade when you are ready and only when you need it.

unlimited automations

Automations are the core of your marketing automation. Build as many as you want and need. Forever.

Tags and


Send your contacts the right message at the perfect moment thanks to  tags and the awesome Mautic tracking system.


and forms

Build your complete sales-funnel with Mautic from a to z. Landingpages and forms become a piece of cake.

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do you want to automate your business?

pay only
what you really need

Mautic managed by Hartmut - simple Effective connections