It's not about selling a product to an anonymous person.

know your clients
meet their needs

make them happy

over and over again.

it's not about tools, strategies or money you invest in marketing

it's about


Easy, automatic and seamless integration to your Shopify Store. No code needed

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your life where

You know how to improve your shopify-store

You really meet your clients needs.

Your marketing automation tool got much cheaper.

You finally know how to make a real use out of the tools you have.

You successfully finish sales and the amount of happy clients grow day by day!

your shopify store where

Your messages always reach the right people at the right time. Successfully.

You keep in touch with your Shopify-clients in an easy & effortless way.
In a way you can actually keep them happy.

You make more then only one sale.
Down-sells, Up-sells, Special Offers...
You successfully sell products to your shopify-clients over and over again!

Hartmut for Shopify is the perfect extension for you if you want to:

grow your sales

connect with your customers

make upsells

With hartmut for shopify
you will:

Send emails

Personalized, to the right person at the right time.

automated emails

​Personalized and exactly how you want them - automated and triggered campaigns

Multi Channel

Talk to your clients where they really are. SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Push-notifications, and more. 

Dynamic content

Use dynamic (personalized) content in your emails, landing-pages, notifications, website pop-ups…

landing pages

Create sales- & customer-oriented landing-pages. 
(and use them in your sales-funnels)

Website Pop-ups

Create sales-triggering website pop-ups

sign up forms

Use personalized sign-up forms. (and get more and more clients into your own Email List)

A/b testing

A/B testing of your emails, sign-up forms, pop-ups and more.

and much more...

Easy, automatic and seamless integration to your Shopify Store. No code needed

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get to know your clients &
Optimize your campaigns:

contact management

Use the built-in CRM functions instead of a blown-up CRM System.

contact orders

see your contacts’ orders, abandoned carts and spending totals within their contact profiles in the marketing tool


organize your contacts and clients in different segments. ​


mark every contact with individual tags. See what they are interested in.

lead scoring

Use points and stages to see how people engage with your content and products.


use built in and easy to use reports to see what contributes towards your success in e-commerce.

This gets done for you to 
Rock the e-commerce world:

Website Tracking

Track what your contacts are interested in. See which pages and products the visit and click most.

Event triggers

Pageviews, Email reads, Clicks and much more. All at a glance for every contact. 

data synchronization

Real-time contact synchronization. Every 15 minutes. Seamless and fast. 

Get what
you really need

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