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What is a lead magnet + the best 10 examples

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Lead magnets have been around for as long as online marketing has been around. They are used to solidify the connection between you and the visitors of your online presence. 

The idea is: You offer your visitors a free product in exchange for their contact details. This is a proven and efficient way to attract subscribers to your email list. Best of all, it’s really easy for everyone to implement!

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about lead magnets. And in the end, there are ten ideas to help you generate super leads and some tips for creating lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet (or freebie) is a free product that you offer to visitors to your website or blog in exchange for their contact details. In addition to the e-mail address, other information (name, telephone number, job title, company, etc.) may also be of interest to you. Make sure that you collect the data under the GDPR. It must be clear to your users that they are also signing up for your newsletter by downloading the lead magnet. 

Lead magnets are a proven and efficient way to attract subscribers to your email list.

Visitors to your website don’t just give you their data like that. In return, you have to offer them something that has an advantage for them. A good lead magnet has the following properties:

  • Problem solving: People visit your website because they have a problem. If the lead magnet helps them solve problems, they are happy to leave their contact details there and look forward to the future newsletter 🙂
  • Added value: Only when your customers see an advantage for themselves do they give you their data and become leads.
  • Relevance to your own offer: Only offer help for problems that you can really solve.
  • Immediate availability: Once the user has entered his contact details, he must receive the product directly in exchange.  

In what form can a lead magnet be offered?

There are no limits to creativity! Anything that is technically possible can be offered to visitors to your website. Diagrams, posters, instructions, videos, white papers and e-books are only the most well-known lead magnets. Check out our ten examples at the end of the article to get even more inspiration. 

A converting lead magnet solves your customers’ problems.

With tools like Mautic, your lead magnets can be easily managed. With this software and the following examples, your online marketing campaigns become a real success. 

You want to have more examples? No problem, get 20 more lead magnet ideas now!

Why do lead magnets work so well?

Lead magnets will help you prove your expertise and convince visitors to your website of your skills. On the one hand, you deal intensively with the subject matter when creating the lead magnets, on the other hand your customers benefit from this knowledge.

Your customers get added value without paying for it. You get the contact details of your customers and can get in touch with them and promote your business and your products sustainably. 

What do you have to consider because of the GDPR?

Lead magnets and GDPR – does that even fit together? Yes in any case! However, users need to be aware that they are exchanging their contact details for a product and you may (and will) contact them again later. If the visitors of your homepage give you your consent, you are legally on the safe side. 

10 modern lead magnets that really work

There are countless ideas and possibilities to use lead magnets. We have selected ten examples that have proven themselves in practice and that really work! All examples listed here are easy to link with the Mautic e-mail tool.

1. Studies from your industry

If you’ve done a relevant study yourself, it’s worth the gold. The results interest a lot of people and so you can easily get to leads! Even if you haven’t done a study yourself, you’re sure to know the latest analyses and trends in your field. Here you have the possibility to compare two studies, for example, or to analyze several trends on their future viability. 

2. Templates (templates)

There are many different uses for templates. This can be a template for your newsletter, a sample contract or cool filters for your Instagram pictures. When and where exactly you can use templates depends on your industry and the problems and needs of your target group. 

3. Quizzes & Surveys

A small quiz is fun and for a useful evaluation most people like to give their email address. You can use the information they reveal to send custom-tailored goodies.

This can be done, for example, be a training plan. Related: whether the person in question wants to lose weight or build muscle mass, whether they are a man or a woman, how often they can train… send her an appropriate training plan that is geared to her goals and wishes.

4th. Discount codes 

A small thank you in the form of a discount code (coupon) is always welcome.

The visitor to your website has the incentive to buy something, after all, it is now cheaper, and you have the opportunity to sell something, convince your customers of you and then expand the relationship. 

5. Software

You can use a special computer program perfectly as a lead magnet. It is sufficient if you offer a test version for a certain period of time or limit the full version to some basic functions. This gives your users a first impression of the complete product and at the same time they are already registered as a lead.    

6. Checklists

Checklists are super lead magnets. All important points of a topic are explained in a simple way, summarized and clearly presented. Within a few moments, visitors to your website understand a complex problem, and success is instantaneous. Just great!

7. Webinar

Webinars are explanatory videos about a particular issue. Most of the time, webinars take place live. This offers a special incentive for your customers to sign up if they don’t want to miss out on the exclusive content. Of course, in hindsight it is still open to you to make the video available to all interested parties. However, if you offer it as an exclusive appointment, the chances are higher that you will get a lot of traffic for your webinar.

8. Online course

Online courses quickly and vividly convey knowledge and expertise. Visitors to your website can reuse the files and you can easily build content on top of each other. As a lead magnet, a short entry-level course is enough, you don’t have to disclose your entire portfolio immediately. After a short introduction, you can sell the further online program. 

9. Phone coaching

Offer your potential customers a free first contact by phone. You will learn about the problem directly, can prepare for it and shine personally with your expertise. By phone you have a great chance to present yourself positively, to develop your first contact into a lead and to create a basis for further communication on all channels.

10. Challenges

Challenges are available in all sorts of areas: the 100-push-up challenge, live a month vegan or save effectively for the next holiday. The goal is clear from the beginning, but the path that leads to success, only you know.

In most cases, there are several participants in a challenge who share experiences and motivate each other to achieve the goal. After reaching the first goal, you can build on the experience of success perfectly with further products or services. 

You have everything you need. Let’s go! 

Using lead magnets and building appropriate email and multi-channel campaigns behind them is easy. The only thing you need for this is trust in your own expertise and an intuitive and flexible marketing automation tool. With Mautic you get exactly the tool you need to get off to a good start. 

You don’t have enough yet, would you like more suggestions? Then get 20 more lead magnet ideas.

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