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Reduce bounce rate in your shopping cart – 13 simple tips

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It’s frustrating: Potential customers click through the offer in your store, pack their shopping cart full and – jump off at the last moment. If you’re nodding in front of your screen now, this post is made for you. 

Learn how to imprive the bounce rate in your shopping cart with simple but effective means. 

Are you ready to significantly reduce your bounce rate and attract more customers? 

What is an average bounce rate in the shopping cart?

You’re far from alone with your problem of customers jumping off just before you buy. More than 40% of online shoppers think differently at the last moment. This bounce rate average seems alarmingly high, but can be easily explained on closer inspection. 

For quite trivial reasons, most customers decide differently just before the purchase is made, for example because the delivery time is too long for them. With 100% certainty, you won’t find out the reasons of the individual. But you can optimize your shop to improve your bounce rate. 

Improve bounce rate – you need to know this in advance

Before we get to the tips to improve your bounce rate, let’s talk briefly about three important questions: 

  1. What is the bounce rate at all? 
  2. What does the bounce rate say?
  3. What is a good value for the bounce rate?

Let us proceed chronologically. The term “bounce rate” comes from the English term “bounce rate”. This refers to the proportion of visitors who leave one side without visiting a subpage. With regard to the shopping cart, however, the definition of the bounce rate is different: here, the bounce rate denotes the percentage of customers who fill their shopping cart but decide differently before buying. 

More than 40% of online shoppers think differently at the last moment and cancel the purchase.

The bounce rate gives you information about how many visitors you can keep on your website. Thus, it gives you clues as to how your website is getting visitors and what you can change to improve the bounce rate. 

However, it is not possible to say a valid statement about what is a good value for the bounce rate. There is a simple reason for this: too many factors play a role. For example, blogs have a much higher bounce rate than guide pages. Especially in the shopping cart it is tricky: Maybe the jump is not at all due to your website, but the fast-buyer has simply thought differently because of the money. 

But now to the promised tips to improve your bounce rate. 

13 tips to reduce bounce rate in the shopping cart

With the following 13 tips, you can easily improve your bounce rate. Of course, you don’t have to implement all the advice at once, but you can start with a few. You will quickly notice an improvement. Let’s go! 

1. Allow registration-free ordering

It’s a small but effective tip to improve your bounce rate: Allow registration-free ordering. The customer can simply order as a “guest” without having to register in advance. Many customers (to be more precise over 30%) an order process will stop if they are asked to register. 

30% of potential buyers cancel an order process when they are asked to declare an account.

So if you allow registration-free ordering and communicate this clearly on your website, you can improve your bounce rate. 

2. Offer many payment methods

The more payment methods you offer, the more likely you are to be able to hold your customers until you finish the purchase. For example, if your customers only have a choice between credit card payment and PayPal, but do not have both, they will leave your shop. 

3. Show the local currency in the shop

One thing is particularly important to make the customer feel safe and know at a glance what costs are incurred: Show the local currency in your shop and also count it in it. This way, the customer does not come up with any nasty surprises, which improves your bounce rate. 

4. Avoid unnecessary clicks

Get your customers to buy with as few clicks as possible. Why? It spares your customer’s nerves and gets them to their destination faster. If a customer has to continue clicking after each entry, he will quickly tire and has a lot of time to reconsider his purchase decision. So if you want to improve your bounce rate: Keep it simple! 

5. Encrypt your page with SSL

A Web site encrypted with SSL enables secure communication between an Internet browser and a Web server through a security protocol. Nothing deters a customer from buying more than when the website they visit is shown as “not safe”. Your content and website can still be so good here: The customer will jump off before the purchase. 

In addition, encrypting the website with an SSL certificate is mandatory throughout the EU as soon as you collect your customers’ data, which you do during an order process in your online shop.

6. Avoid unnecessary input fields

As far as their data is concerned, people have become more sensitive in recent years. Counter this caution by always asking your customers only for the data you really need from them. For example, if customers want to provide a phone number, they quickly become skeptical. And let’s face it: What do you need them for? Likewise, you don’t need a tax number from private customers, for example, so simply omit the input field or set it to “optional” for corporate customers, for example. 

7. Make sure your website loads quickly

If you only want to order something for a short time and sit in front of a website in slow motion, you are quickly fed up and throw in the towel. So to prevent this and improve your bounce rate, you need to make sure your website loads quickly. This way you can keep your customers happy and give them the feeling of getting to the end of the purchase quickly and easily. 

8. Check the inputs immediately

Surely you also know this: You fill out all input fields to the best of your knowledge and belief, confirm your details and receive one error message after another. Something is missing here, there is something wrong, there you have to enter a phone number etc. This is simply so annoying for most customers that they give up quickly. With an automatic input check, you can work around this problem and alert your customers to errors as soon as they are typing. This is how easy it is to improve your bounce rate.

9. Avoid your shop visitors having to repeat their entries

Make sure that if your entries are incorrectly entered, you only have to fill in the input field with the wrong indication. If you request the re-completion of the entire order form due to an incorrect statement, you will probably sell your customers. 

10. Offer a contact option

This tip is often underestimated: offering a contact option. If your customers always have the customer service number in mind during their shopping, it gives them a good feeling. If you encounter a problem or do not get on with the order, you have a contact person. And that improves the bounce rate. 

11. Avoid hidden costs

Hidden and not clearly communicated costs annoy customers a lot. Quite a few then decide differently and do not complete the purchase. If you want to improve your bounce rate, be sure to make all costs transparent from the start. 

12. Offer a short delivery time

In our fast-paced society, most people don’t want to wait several days or even weeks for an order. So if you have the option, then offer the shortest possible delivery time. The promise that your customers will get to the goods quickly will improve your bounce rate. 

13. Run an Abandoned-Cart campaign with Mautic

If a customer cancels a purchase but is already listed in your database, you have another option: with e-mail tools, such as Mautic you can have a so-called retargeting email sent to the jumped customer. In this he is reminded of his full shopping cart or asked about the reasons for the cancellation of the purchase. But remember to clarify the retargeting emails in your privacy statement. 

You can make use of this service even if the customer has consented to the sending of commercial mails. Also, you can optimize your conversion rate, do a bit of marketing and improve the bounce rate. 

Reduce bounce rate – even small steps can make a big difference

So, that was a lot of input at once. If you feel slain now, take a deep breath. You don’t have to implement all the tips at once, but you can optimize your shop step by step. Just pick out a tip and integrate it into your shop. You will see that you can make a big difference even with a few small changes. 

What tip do you use to reduce your bounce rate? We look forward to sharing your experiences with us! 

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