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Email-Marketing Trends 2020



Many people believe that email-marketing is long outdated and will no longer have the desired effect. It’s not true. 

Email is still the most used way customers communicate with companies. And more than 73% of all companies report that they use email-marketing to achieve the highest ROI (return on investment)…

Whether it’s mobile-optimization, appealing design and individualized messages send at the right time, or the AI (artificial intelligence) making targeted email-campaigns so much easier, today’s marketing experts are already looking to the future of modern email-marketing. 

And with these 10 email-marketing trends for 2020, your journey into the future of online-marketing successes continues.

  1. Segmentation and categorization: always in the right place and at the right time
  2. Rich content: matching your subscribers’ favorite media
  3. Dynamic content: to send personalized content
  4. Interactive content: to include your subscribers
  5. AI – Artificial Intelligence: Let others do their work
  6. Always User-Friendly – Always Mobile-Friendly
  7. Automate e-mail and multi-channel campaigns
  8. Data protection and GDPR: to build trust
  9. Latest Email-Marketing Trend: Blockchain
  10. Open-source technologies: to stay flexible

1. Segmentation and categorization: always in the right place and at the right time

We already know from previous years how important it is to differentiate campaigns according to various criteria. Not every one of your subscribers should get the same emails…

For example, it has long played a role within email-marketing trends, to which gender, age or past behavior, a message is sent. And it is all the more important to make the best possible use of and expand segmentation in e-mail marketing in the future. 

For you, this means providing your email subscribers and customers with matching email content even more specifically!

With the help of well thought-out categorization and segmentation of your contacts, it is possible to isolate a clearly defined target group. Your next promotion may only be targeted at female visitors to your web store who have purchased a specific product group within the past month. Here you categorize e.g. after “female”, “product XY”, “month of January”.  

Tools for perfect segmentation

To make such complex processes, such as categorization, segmentation, and management of your contacts, easy, you need a tool. The market offers some of them. But some can’t do everything you need. Others are complicated and tedious to use. And others just very expensive. 

Many reasons why Mautic, an open source marketing automation software, is the tool of our choice. Flexible, intuitive, overarching and budget-friendly marketing is in the foreground here. 

With the help of well thought-out categorization and segmentation of your contacts, it is possible to isolate a clearly defined target group.

Important processes can be easily automated with Mautic, so that even complex campaigns can be easily planned and implemented. Your contacts are segmented according to your marketing goals based on tags, categories, and stages. The lead-scoring function automatically evaluates the “quality” of your contacts afterwards. 

So you always know which person is in which phase of his customer journey, which person is ready to buy and who may not be interested in your offers anymore. And so you speak to each person and achieve more successes.  

2. Rich content: matching your subscribers’ favorite media

Text, Video, Audio… – what do you choose when you have the choice? 

When we surf the net, we get more and more often to consume interesting content via videos or audios. And also GIF’s were very popular last year. 

Now these different types of content are among the hottest email-marketing trends in 2020. 

New perspectives, new challenges?

Not necessarily: With tools such as Mautic, videos and audios as well as animated GIF files can be shown in the emails. Thus, differnetiates you visually from your competitors and above all: it responds to the needs and preferences of your customers in a very specific way.

As useful and modern as this kind of content is, you shouldn’t exaggerate it. If you have 5 GIFs in an email, your readers quickly lose focus and, in the worst case, don’t read your message at all. Not every user can access such emails and benefit from the form of your content. For example, if various programs do not support the format or simply need to load files too long due to mobile Internet usage.

Tips for implementing the email-marketing trend Rich Content

Design your GIFs and videos so that the first animation image is enough as a statement. Also, deposit all such built-in files (even simple images) with a strong alt-text and leave a link to the same message on the web in your email – in this way you can also reach those who, due to their security settings, do not receive emails in HTML format.

3. Dynamic content: to send personalized content

Dynamic content means an individual adaptation of the content depending on the user, his behavior and his actual wishes and needs.  

Especially in e-mail marketing, it makes particular sense to use dynamic content. 

For example, you want to make a special summer offer for your most loyal fans. You can either send everyone a 10% voucher. Or… You can send some a discount for the latest bikini-collection, depending on their preferences and needs, and give others a voucher for the inflatable unicorns and flamingos.

What do you think will have a better conversion-rate – an anonymous coupon to everyone or a personalized offer for a product that someone actually really wants? 🙂

In this case, you send one and the same email to everyone. The majority of the text is the same – only the field with the offer varies accordingly. 

Dynamic content means an individual adaptation of the content depending on the user, his behavior and his actual wishes and needs.

With dynamic content, you can go even further. If your subscribers are for example visiting your website later, you can also show them an appropriate website pop-up that reminds them of the offer from the email. Here too, everyone gets to see exactly what suits their wishes.

With tools that span multiple channels and create personalized profiles of your subscribers, it’s easy to build such campaigns. Mautic is clearly one of them. 🙂

4. Interactive content: to include your subscribers

Interactive content is also part of email-marketing trends 2020.  Interactive means that your readers can take certain actions within the email. 

For example, attracted by your summer-offer, you can put the matching bikini directly into the shopping cart of your online store and complete the purchase.

This is a big advantage for you and your business, because the less people have to change channels, the less distracted they become and the faster and easier they can follow the desired action. A win-win for everyone.

Or if, for example, you want to send a survey to your subscribers: the chances are much higher that they will participate if they can answer the questions directly in the email.

The principle of gamification can also be used very well via interactive content. For example, you can ask your subscribers which bikini-model they like the best. People like to be asked for their opinion and feel therefore needed. And if you additionally offer a voucher as a thank you, the motivation to help you increases again. In the end, both are satisfied: your readers have received a discount and you have valuable information about their preferences.

5. AI – Artificial Intelligence: Let others do their work

AI, artificial intelligence, is already an integral part of current email-marketing trends. More and more companies are taking advantage of AI. 

An AI helps you e.g. to determine the best possible sending time for your messages. And an AI can also be of a great use while designuning your emails design, e.i. the subject line. How? 

By automatically recording which e-mails are opened, when and if at all, whether the emails are also read afterwards and with which content was reacted how. 

The advantage of an AI is not only to collect this data. An AI learns from this information and fits e.g. segmentation of contacts and the course of campaigns on their own. This saves you a lot of evaluation and adaptation work.

Step by step, we will all learn to benefit from these fascinating technologies.

6. Always user-friendly – Always mobile-friendly

A website that is not easy to read on the smartphone is rated badly by both Internet users and search engines (such as Google). 

The same applies to emails. Many people “check” their inbox on the go – now even over 50% of email accesses happen mobile. So if your emails aren’t mobile-optimized, they’re hard to read and are simply ignored or even end up right in the trash! 

So it’s not just the issue of email-marketing trends. It is above all the satisfaction of your customers that is in the foreground here. Because user-friendliness starts today with making all your content mobile-optimized. So that your readers can always have access to everything, both from home and on the subway.

7. Automation of email and multi-channel-campaigns

The more customers are in your email-list, the more important it is to automate your email-campaigns. And of course your all your marketing-campaigns. 

Here, your customers should be supplied with up-to-date content regularly and as automatically as possible. Best done through all channels they like to use (e.g. email, Facebook and WhatsApp). These are not necessarily entirely new email-marketing trends. However, the importance of automation is becoming increasingly important. 

What would that look like in practice? 

In your “Summer-Online-Shop” you could, for example, ask your visitors a few questions on your website (via a quiz or via a Facebook Messenger ChatBot…): 

  • Where are they going on holiday this year? 
  • Do they drive with their friends or with their family? 
  • What are their favorite activities? 
  • Etc. 

Using this information, you can then send everyone a suitable email campaign. The 3 best girlfriends who go to the sea will probably like to learn more about the summer-fashion trends 2020. The family with two children, who are planning their holiday in the mountains, will surely be happy about tips on practical packing methods and cool outdoor games.  

Step by step, in line with the customer journey phase in which your website visitors are currently located, you can either send them more exciting information or send them a targeted offer for suitable products.

Provide your customers regularly and as automatically as possible, with up-to-date content. Best of all, via all the channels they like to use: email, Facebook, WhatsApp…

And you don’t have to evaluate all of this manually and send an email to each one individually. This is the magic of automated email-campaigns. 🙂

Remember: email-marketing works even better with other marketing-channels (such as your website or social-media).

Automation as a useful tool

A well-functioning automation reacts accordingly quickly to the user behavior. This allows you to accompany the various customers, with their individual needs, also appropriately in their purchase decision. The advantages of automation can be seen on the one hand in the improved response time and the individual approach of your customers. On the other hand, it also saves resources: less time, less staff and more effective marketing via email and other marketing channels.

8. Data protection and GDPR: to build trust

Another newsletter trend for 2020 can be found in data protection. Even if the term “trend” is more of a duty. Every marketer has to take care of the aspect of data protection, including to protect his customers and employees. 

The reason: Online advertising is becoming easier and easier due to the large number of personal and easy-to-reach data. But unfortunately the same applies to the misuse of data. 

The GDPR for more trust

It is essential to move within the scope of the law and to insure this to its customers accordingly. Otherwise, it will happen to you quickly to lose the trust of your customers. Orient yourself to the General Data Protection Regulation and the strict regulations in the handling of personal data.

Even with the download and installation of Mautic, you get the possibility to make GDPR-compliant settings independently in the self-hosted version. In cooperation with, you can also hand over responsibility for all technical aspects via the managed Mautic version. 

Never send newsletters without consent!

Customers must give their consent to the collection of their data. This is always limited to one specific thing: if your customer gives his consent to process the data for the purchase process, this does not automatically apply to advertising purposes. 

Online advertising is becoming easier due to the large number of personal and easy-to-reach data. But unfortunately the same applies to the misuse of data. 

If you would like to send him further emails, you will have to ask him for this permission separately. Everyone must deliberately register for your e-mail distribution and confirm this again via the double-opt-in procedure. 

In addition, you must ensure that the personal data is not disclosed to third parties. 

Obligation to provide documentation and information

In addition, there is a fairly extensive obligation to provide documentation and information. You need to document what your customers’ data is stored, for how long and for what purposes. At the request of your customers, you must always delete them immediately. 

Customers must also be informed about the data transmission and processing. 

You can find out more about this topic in the article: Lead Generation GDPR.

And what does this mean for today’s email-marketing trends? Your customers’ data should be handled more transparently and responsibly in the future.

9. Latest Email-Marketing Trend: Blockchain

Without the consent of your customers, you will not be able to implement any of the featured email-marketing trends in 2020. Of course, at the same time you want to make sure that no stranger manipulates your customers’ consent and that you are always legally on the safe side. Blockchain technology can help you with this. Yes, this algorithm is not only used for bitcoins. 🙂

The data is stored in a blockchain as follows: If a personal entry has been made in the ledger (transaction directory), it cannot be deleted by a single person. The blockchain is monitored by several nodes and regularly matched. And it’s this process that makes it so safe for you and your customers. 

Even if the active use of blockchains in email-marketing is still an absolute new territory for many of us, deal with this possibility. Blockchain is already one of the latest email-marketing trends. 

10. Open source technologies: to stay flexible 

Mautic is currently the only marketing-automation tool that is an open-source software. It is the first open-marketing-cloud.

Open-source stands for open and free access to software. Your data remains in your possession and will not be left to other companies. Such a program can be edited, expanded and adapted to your own needs. This allows you to individually automate and personalize your digital business. With the Mautic version we manag, even without complex IT know-how. 

Email-Marketing Trends: Your Way to More Joy and Success in 2020 

Since the 1950s, sending emails has been a proven marketing tool. And that should remain the case this year! 

When it comes to email-marketing, however, a number of modern email-marketing trends can still improve a lot. The classic is becoming more modern, innovative and adapts to the user behavior of your subscribers. 

Some marketing trends, such as AI or blockchain technology, are far from being reached yet. So you can be curious what else comes up in terms of email-marketing trends!

Others, such as personalized segmentation and management of your contacts, dynamic-content, or automated email and multi-channel campaigns, can be wonderfully easy and effectively implemented with flexible and intuitive marketing-automation tools like Mautic right away.

Use these email-marketing trends in the year 2020. Make your customers happy and let your business flourish.

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